10 Jul
2013 Music series on the patio starts Wednesday May 15 @ six o'clock 17 North Fourth Street Hudson NY

2013 Music series on the patio starts Wednesday May 15 @ six o’clock
17 North Fourth Street Hudson NY



We’re back

13 Feb

Hudson.Water.Music will be back at the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park with some old friends and some new surprises. On board thus far is The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, The Wasted Lives, King of the Forest and Sweet Soubrette. Bindlestiff Family Cirkus will also once again provide strolling and rolling entertainment throughout the series.

Hello Again

15 May

This is the website for the Hudson. Water. Music. series sponsored by the city of Hudson and curated by Rob Caldwell of the Musica music store in downtown Hudson.

The series will run each Wednesday evening  from July 18 to August 15 from 6 PM until 9 PM at the Henry Hudson Riverfront Park off Front Street in Hudson.  The beautiful Hudson River water front is the perfect place for an evening concert! Bring your own blankets and seats and a picnic or get a great dinner from one of our vendors. Hazel Murray’s fried chicken, collards, candied sweet potatoes and more, Vasilow treats along with lemonade  and popcorn. Each performance will also be spiced up by  the odd performer from the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus featuing wandering magicians, unicylclists, jugglers and even a something swallower (probably a sword) as well as the odd hilarious buccaneer. Vanessa Baehr of Ouroboros Hoops will be on hand to provide beautiful hula hoops and advice on how to use them.  There is plenty of room for strolling along the river or dancing to the wonderful  music.

The Hudson riverfront  is beautiful.  These events are free to the public.  So is the sunset.

Fun for Families and Friends                                                                                                 


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